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We’ll dig deep to understand your goals and brand, and then identify ways to attract and engage your audience.

This collaborative process explores strategic and creative options that are refined to create an online presence that reflects who you are and solves your marketing challenges.

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My goal is to bridge the gap between business, design and the end user
Julie Ferrari Weyers

Meet Julie

Since starting JFW Designs in 2009, I have intentionally remained a company of one. This allows me to be more responsive and resourceful, focusing on the details while keeping the big picture in mind. I believe in a strategy-led process that brings value to both the organization and visitors on the website.

I work with small businesses across the nation and also partner with tech and marketing companies. Beyond my experience and education in marketing, design and code, ongoing learning is critical so that I can continuously align my skills with client needs and adapt when the marketplace changes.

Core Business Beliefs

Deliver a seamless experience

I listen attentively, communicate openly, and deliver on what I promise. I manage the details and simplify a complicated process so that you can focus on your business.

Build partnerships

Long-term relationships are built on collaboration, preparation, responsiveness and respect. Providing great service to clients creates a lasting and positive impact.

Explore, learn and grow

If I thought of it yesterday, it’s probably not good enough today. I constantly challenge myself: creating a better solution, refining a design, learning a new skill.

Integrate a little humor

You can be focused and serious about the work, but also lighthearted. Laughter keeps creativity and productivity flowing, and makes the environment more relaxed.

Giving Back, Giving First

In 2009, I partnered with Peters Township High School Soccer — an organization that has meant a lot to my family since the 1980s. Many website versions and designs later, I’m always excited to be part of promoting soccer in the community.

I continue to support local booster and sports clubs with free or highly discounted rates for design services. Working with nearly twenty groups, some for over a decade, I’m honored they trust me to help tell their story through design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free consultation?2021-03-13T17:47:35-05:00

Yes. We can set up a 20 minute call to discuss your project, brand goals and technical requirements. After the call, I’ll prepare a detailed proposal and no-obligation estimate that is valid for 60 days.

How long does it take to complete a project?2021-03-13T17:47:46-05:00

Timelines vary depending on the scope or your project, but on average, websites takes 8-12 weeks to complete.

I’m usually booked 4-6 weeks in advance. This is ideal because during that time, I will provide you with tasks to complete, like finding logo files and answering some questions about your company and brand. Once it’s time to begin, you’ll be ready to get started!

Do you write my website copy?2021-03-13T18:19:59-05:00

My services range from researching and writing all of your copy to providing guidance and suggestions on the copy that you provide. Since every project is different, we will discuss the best approach for your needs.

Do you provide SEO services?2021-03-13T18:19:04-05:00

SEO is integrated from start of the project, with the goal of delivering better information to search engines so your content is indexed correctly and displays in search results.

SEO requires a layered approach that takes some time to build and cultivate. From consistently adding valuable content to your website, to following best practices for technical optimization, we’ll discuss effective tactics based on your needs and budget

Will I be able to update my website by myself?2021-03-13T18:10:58-05:00

Yes. Your website will be set up so that content is easy to edit without the need for any technical knowledge. I also create an editing guide that includes instructions and screenshots of the most frequently changing areas.

Can you make changes to my website?2021-03-13T18:11:42-05:00

Yes. Occasional text updates are usually performed within a day and are free of charge. For other changes, like a new page or new functioning, we can discuss what you need and I’ll provide a price estimate and expected turnaround time.

Do you provide ongoing website maintenance?2021-03-13T18:17:20-05:00

Yes. I maintain the WordPress core, theme and plugins on your website each month. I will ensure the server is optimized, scan for malware and keep your website safe and up-to-date.

Can you help with marketing collateral?2021-03-13T18:12:30-05:00

Yes. Staying consistent with your brand builds recognition and trust at every touchpoint. From social media graphics to whitepapers to PowerPoint slides, I can help you maintain a cohesive customer experience.

custom digital solutions

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With a range of creative, business, and technology solutions, our partnership will focus on solving your challenges so you can reach your digital goals.

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