There is no
cookie cutter solution

*custom innovation required

Stand out from the crowd.
Your website should be as unique as your brand.

  • Build a smart digital strategy
  • Create a functional, user-centered experience
  • Communicate the right message
  • Inspire trust and build credibility




This collaborative process begins with getting to know as much as possible about your needs and the project requirements.

We begin to define your industry, online goals, audience, competitors, brand image, marketing materials and functional requirements. You'll gather your content. We'll perform research to understand your users and plan the technology needed.


Knowing what you and your audience need leads to a clear picture of what we're going to design and build. This is the foundation we use to draft a digital strategy, and enables us to structure content to support these factors.

As we continue through the design & development process, we will focus all of the design elements towards meeting those goals.

 user experience

Crucial to the success of your website is how visitors perceive it. Are they getting value from it? Is it easy to use? Does it function efficiently? Is it pleasant to look at?

We examine the details - from user flows to wireframes - so that we can create a user-focused design that will connect with your visitors, engage them and help them remember your site in a positive way.


The concepts and ideas that we’ve developed come to life through visual design. Carefully crafted typography, colors, and graphics create the right tone, while your message remains the focus.

The design is responsive, which means it adjusts seamlessly from desktop to tablet to mobile, giving your visitors the best possible experience.


The design is coded using a variety of web technologies and resources. A lot happens during this phase, from front-end to server side programming, along with CMS integration if needed.

The pages are tested across browsers and devices. Careful attention is given to usability, accessibility, search engines & web standards. Your website is ready for the world!


Valuable, fresh content keeps visitors coming back to your website. Promoting your site, maintaining your content and monitoring your online goals are essential to position yourself for continued success.

I am committed to the long-term success of your project and am available for training, support and maintenance.




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perception & image matter

Does your website present an image of trustworthiness, professionalism and expertise? Credibility is a crucial aspect for a successful website and it can influence your visitor’s attitude and behavior toward your organization.

What you do in the digital world affects your organization in the real world. A website is much more than an online phonebook, it reinforces who you are as a brand.

Julie Weyers, JFW Designs

unique, creative solutions

Creating and maintaining a great website is a complex process, but you don’t have to resort to a drag-and-drop, one size fits all system. I can guide you through the steps, breaking the process up into manageable parts. Together, we can create solutions that fit your needs, your visitors’ needs, and even your personal workflow habits.

If your website doesn’t accurately express your brand or effectively anticipate the needs of your visitors, contact me to discuss smart solutions that will position your organization to perform better online.